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Avanta provides routine repair, overhaul, andmaintenance of heat exchangers manufactured by most companies operating in the domestic market.

Routine repair may include elimination of single or multiple leakages between fins that may be caused by hydraulic impact or improper assembly after cleaning. Another case is leakage between operating medium circuits: this is a relatively rare situation that may arise due to fin corrosion. In some cases we can repair the heat exchangerin situ, in other cases the heat exchanger should be delivered to workshop for a thorough inspection.

The equipment overhaul may include:

  • Full descaling and cleaning of heat exchanger fins

  • Replacement of seals after expiry of service life (5-10 years, sometimes less)

  • Inspection of fins and rejection of corroded / defective ones

Our personnel also performs pipeline flushing that might be considered the main procedure in heat exchanger maintenance. Chemical flushing is used for semi-welded or brazed models, or in case the inspection detected low or medium level of contamination rate inside. Mechanical cleaning with disassembly is used in case the heat exchanger is heavily fouled. In such cases, manufacturers recommend to disassemble the device to ensure elimination of all blockages.

Timely and qualified maintenance of heat exchanger extends its service life and allows to save much money comparing to overhaul costs.