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Industrial equipment maintenance

Guarantee and post-guarantee servicing of industrial equipment is the most important process to provide effective and trouble-free operation. Avanta provides machinery maintenance to a high standard and with use of up-to-date technology, materials, and tools.

Our advantages:

  • Individual approach to each client

  • Guarantee repair and maintenance of industrial equipment

  • Our specialists are ready to provide competent consulting to our clients any time

Contractual maintenance of industrial equipment

To make industrial equipment operate with maximum performance, the most beneficial and effective way is to conclude complete maintenance service contract. The point is that machinery requires a wide range of spare parts and consumables and absence of those leads to extended downtime and financial losses. Our service personnel will eagerly help you solving maintenance problems by concluding a maintenance service contract.

This contract allows the client to obtain the following results:

  • Minimizing equipment downtime. We promptly respond to client’s calls and without delay specify accurate time of replacing spare parts and consumables, provide delivery and installation, and conduct consultations on further equipment operation;

  • Bringing down costs of machinery operation.

Industrial equipment that undergoes regular servicing has a long service life. Timely replacement of minor worn components prevents major breakdowns and repairs. Naturally, price of contractual maintenance works is significantly lower than price of one-time maintenance.