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Maintenance scheduling, account and analysis of the failures

Maintenance scheduling is a part of maintenance because periodic maintenance of the equipment is impossible without making a maintenance schedule. Technical maintenance is carried out according predetermined time schedules and includes a specific scope of works. Maintenance and repair scheduling starts from preparation of the annual time schedule of the preventative maintenance followed by division into monthly work schedules. Preparation of repair schedules is carried out on the basis of frequency specified in equipment documentation.

Recording of failures is carried out with the purpose of their follow-up analysis. The reasons of appearance of failures of some units and aggregates of the equipment or other ones are revealed when analyzing the failures. Obtained information is used for prevention of similar equipment failures in future.

To implement these tasks Avanta Company uses special software. This software simplifies document management significantly when conducting scheduled maintenance and repair works. It allows to:

  • Keep records of equipment and its repairs

  • Form automatically schedules of equipment maintenance, calls, orders and necessary permits for all works carried out by Avanta

  • Carry out analysis of efficiency of works and form reporting

  • Record permits for workers for conducting works

  • Control of man-hours

  • Keep a record of spare parts and consumables

  • Form and control implementation of the internal orders

  • Calculate necessary consumables on the basis of the scheduled-preventive repair schedules

  • Plan supplies of spare parts and consumables