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Ventilation systems

Ventilation system maintenance provided by Avanta specialists includes a range of works aimed at most effective operation of this equipment. Procedures comprising ventilation system maintenance are defined depending on type of equipment and operating conditions.

These procedures may include:

  • Motor troubleshooting (dismantling, cleaning, lubrication, connection or repair of grounding, pre-commissioning testing, and measurements)

  • Air duct maintenance (they are inspected and repaired to ensure most effective air transfer between rooms or system sections)

  • Disinfection of ventilation systemducts and units

  • Setting up the parameters and optimization of the system

To provide a ventilation system trouble-free operation during the whole service life, our personnel also perform planned preventive maintenance:

  • testing tightness of joints, hooks, collars

  • cleaning of fans and air ducts

  • replacement of defective fasteners, seals, bolts, and other parts

Cleaning and disinfectionas the most important maintenance procedures

Cleaning and disinfection of ducts may be carried out without dismantling of air ducts or with mains dismantling.

Compressed air or industrial-type vacuum cleaners are used to clean supply-and-exhaust systems.

Disinfection is an integral part of ventilation system maintenance and is effected after cleaning; during disinfection internal surfaces of the system are sprayed with sanitary-approved detergents.

Mechanical cleaning of shafts and air ducts by means of special machines is considered as the most effective because dirt, dust, oil, and other internal sediments are eliminated up to 100% practically. Following maintenance, ventilationsystems operate with maximum performance and do not disturb owners of the building.